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Paintball Articles

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Tippman Flatline Barrel: Understanding, Adjusting and Modifying - This article takes a closer look into the inner workings of the Tippmann Flatline Barrel. Understand how to adjust the flatline for better accuracy and how to modify it to achieve different looks and function.

BT Apex Barrel - Very few barrels have made as big of an impression on the paintball market as the BT Apex Barrel. Learn how this paintball barrel works and ways you can make it better.

Apex Replacement Barrels - A few companies have found ways to make the BT Apex Barrel even better increasing accuracy and paint to barrel match. Take at a look at the options available to Apex owners and other quality barrels like the JJ Ceramic barrel.

Choosing the Right Tactical Paintball Vest - When it comes to a paintball vest the options are vast. Deciding what to buy to fit your needs can be hard. Learn more about the vests on the market today and what you should consider when purchasing a tactical vest.

Paintball Sight Terminology - You can't truly understand a paintball scope until you become familiar with the parts and terminology used. Learn about reticles, lenses and magnifaction and become an expert in no time.

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