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Paintball Sight Terminology

A Paintball Sight is one of the most important accessories for a sniper paintball gun. Paintball sights are mostly of the Red Dot type. Red Dot sights rarely have magnification using a non-projecting red dot as a target indicator. The goal is fast target acquisition in which the shooter is able to keep both eyes open looking past the scope with the red dot in view. The red dot is contained within the sight itself. It does not project or produce a beam like a laser sight. Making an informed decision regarding the best paintball sight for your needs requires a basic understanding of sight terminology.

Magnification - You may notice that paintball sights may include numbers in their description. Often a sight will be labeled such as 1x30 or 4x45. The first number of this label is the magnification. Magnification refers to the power size of the scope. Any number higher than 1 will magnify or bring the object you are viewing closer to you. A value of 1 means no magnification or just as the naked eye sees it. Paintball sights typically use no magnification or carry a value of 1. This is because most paintball sights are used for relatively close range sighting.

Objective Lens - The Objective Lens refers to the lens that is closest to the target. The objective lens is also represented by the second value in the number label indicated above. In the 1x30 example, the number 30 would indicate the objective lens size as 30 millimeters. The larger the objective lens the larger the field of view.

Ocular Lens - The Ocular Lens is simply the lens that you look through. Normally, this lens is not adjustable. Some types of reflex red dot sights will not have an ocular lens, only an objective lens.

Reticle - A reticle is the graphic that you see when you look through the sight. Reticles come in many different styles. In the most basic of Red Dots, the reticle is a simple dot. Other red dots sights will use a dot in the center of a cross, bullseye or starburst image. Other reticles, such as the mil-dot and rangefinder reticles, are used to estimate range for better accuracy. Many red dot sights will also include an adjustment for dot intensity. The intensity of the dot is adjusted for better view in different light conditions.

Windage/Elevation Turret - A turret is a knob used to adjust the reticle. Reticles can be adjusted for Windage and Elevation. A windage adjustment controls the right and left movement of the reticle. The turret is usually located on the side of the sight. The elevation turret controls the up and down movement of the reticle and is normally found on the top of the paintball sight. Many of the sights are adjusted at the factory. The NcStar factory adjusts many of their sites at a 40 yard range.

Sight Mount - The mount is the attachment used to secure the sight to the paintball marker. Normal mounts use two thumb screws or allen screws that tighten a side plate to the gun's rail. Mounts typically come in 2 sizes. The weaver sized mount is used to fit any standard size tactical rail. A tactical rail is 7/8". The 3/8" mount is used for paintball guns equipped with a dovetail.

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