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BT Apex Barrel: Ultimate Control

A new barrel is the most common upgrade made to a paintball marker. Many manufacturers have produced barrels claiming better accuracy and longer distance. BT Designs Paintball Products has pushed the envelope since their entrance into the market a few years back. The BT Apex Barrel is no exception to this rule. The barrel is revolutionary in that it allows users to curve their shot. The secret is in the tip. A rubber insert inside the tip imparts a spin on the ball. This allows the ball to curve up, down, right or left. The degree of curve is achieved by adjusting the slider on the tip. Direction is controlled by turning the tip on the barrel. Many paintballers rely on the the BT Apex Barrel to achieve previously impossible shots like hitting targets around trees and bunkers. The vast popularity of this product has sparked aftermarket companies to produce Apex Ready Replacement Barrels. BT Paintball has even made this barrel standard equipment on their BT Delta Elite Paintball gun.

BT Paintball Delta Elite: MP5 Style Marker

When a paintball company markets their products as being battle tested, you can be assured it spent a good bit of time in the woods. BT Designs' markers are known for being of exceptional quality and value. Both the BT-16 and BT-4 series guns have served woodsballers well over the years, securing a cult following of customers. The new BT Paintball Delta Elite was built strictly for the military woodsballer. Its likeness and feel to a MP5 is undeniable. It offers an MP5 style sliding stock, mag kit and handguard. Adding to its long list of features is the ever-popular BT Apex Barrel, Rip-Clip Loader and BT Electronic Grip. No barrel on the market has changed the dynamics of shooting like the Apex. Pick up a BT Delta Elite and feel the realism and quality this marker offers. It promises to be one sniper paintball gun that will take your game to new heights.

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