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New Apex Options: Apex Ready Barrels

It didn't take long for the BT Apex Barrel to gain wide popularity among scenario and woodsball players. With this in mind, some manufacturers set out to make this barrel even better. Lapco was one of the first to make an Apex Ready replacement barrel. Built on the foundation of their Big Shot model, this barrel allows for the addition of the Apex tip to the end of it. Simply loosen 2 screws, remove the tip and re-insert over the grooved end of the replacement barrel. Smart Parts is another company that took the technology of their All American barrel creating an Apex Ready Barrel Front compatible with both the All American and Freak Backs. We now offer the Lapco version available for most gun threads in 12" and for A5 and 98 models in 8" and 12". Smart Parts makes the Apex Ready Barrel Front in version that create a 12" or 16" barrel when coupled with either their Freak or AA Back. Checkout the expanding line of barrels offered by RTS, including the ever-popular JJ Ceramic Barrel.

JJ Ceramic Barrel: Another Favorite Among Woodsballers

Looking for a replacement barrel that won't break the bank? Need one that will increase accuracy, accomodate a handguard and still give you that matte black military style look? The JJ Ceramic Barrel may be the one you're looking for. It is available in 12", 14", 16" and 20" versions in most gun threads. This barrel has been a favorite in the woods and a ROCKSTAR best seller for years. It features a hard ceramic and teflon core for friction reduction wrapped in a very durable 6061 T6 Aluminum shell. This barrel is not only light but ultra smooth and straight. All this at a price well below other barrels of similar quality. The JJ Ceramic has a medium bore of 0.688. Matched with the right bore paint, you'll have a very solid performer that will serve you well for years to come. JJ Performance has also release the JJ Apex Barrel Adapter that fits their entire Ceramic Barrel Line. The adapter slides over the end of the barrel and it secured with small set screws. The adapter is milled to allow the Apex Tip a secure attachment and correct alignment. Get the JJ Apex Tip Adapter and enjoy both the reliability of the JJ Ceramic and the functionality of the BT Apex Barrel.

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