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  TechT Cyclone Feed 6 Pc Ultimate Kit (Silver QEPH)
TechT Cyclone Feed 6 Pc Ultimate Kit (Silver QEPH)

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Get all 6 of the top TechT Paintball upgrades for your Tippmann A5, Tippmann X7 or 'Cyclone Feed Equipped' Tippmann 98 and US Army Alpha Paintball gun. This all-in-one combo kit includes The QEPH Piston Housing, The Cyclone Vortex, Lightening Rod, Squishy Paddles, Zero Kick Hammer and Techt Gun Sav Lube. Make your cyclone feeder faster, smoother and more reliable with less kick from your internals!

TechT Paintball QEPH (Silver) -
Here is a first look at the new Quick Exhaust Piston Housing for the Cyclone Loader. The QEPH is designed to rapidly vent the blast of air that is used to advance the loader. By venting the gas quickly, the loader responds instantly. This equates to faster loading with lower pressure.

The standard A5 piston housing has no venting ports (very bad). X7 Piston housing has forward exhaust ports only (better). Meaning that it only exhausts the air that is in front of the piston....not behind it. Its the air behind the piston that is doing all the work and really needs to be vented in order for faster loading.

Our QEPH is a forward and reverse exhaust tube. It exhausts the air in front the piston during the piston stroke and behind the piston at the end of the piston stroke. Venting the air in front of the piston in the early part of the stroke means that less pressure is needed to advance the loader and venting the air behind the piston allows the loader to return faster.

We were never impressed with the exhausting capacity of putting a normal QEV on the cyclone, and after seeing the X7 piston housing we decided to take it to the next level. We've combined those venting ideas into one part.

The materials we use are better than that of the stock piston housings, the internal finish is much smoother and is teflon coated, they perform much better (increasing speed and efficiency), and they look way cooler.

This part is designed to do what the normal QEV (Quick Exhaust Valve) attempts to do. With the QEPH there are no gaskets to keep clean, and its exhaust is exponentially faster.

All the QEPHs have polished internals and are teflon coated, this makes for the smoothest action possible.

TechT Paintball Lightening Rod -
The Lightening Rod is designed to work in conjunction with our Vortex Mod and Quick Exhaust Piston Housing. Together, the parts will yield higher rates of fire, and increased air efficiency.

The secret to the performance gains is the brass bushing located where the ratchet and piston rod met. The bushing is not visible in this picture, but will be in pictures to come. The Lightening Rod is made of anodized billet aluminum, and contains a self lubricating brass bushing.

The recent changes have been made to the Lightening Rod in order to increase its performance and durability. The newest Lightening Rods are made of stronger aluminum and no longer use roller bearings.

We feel that these changes will greatly increase the performance and durability out on the field.

This part along with all the Cyclone upgrades will work on any X7, A5 and 98's.

TechT Paintball Vortex Mod SS -
The Vortex Mod is hard-coated and teflon coated aluminum internals that replace the stock plastic internals of the Tippmann Cyclone Feed.

With the recent release of high-end electronic boards for the Tippmann A5 and 98 Pro E that allow for rates of fire of up to 30 BPS, has come the need for higher performing internals for the cyclone feed.

Our testing has shown that the Vortex Mod will allow the Cyclone feed to work at lower pressures, feed faster, and last longer than the stock internals.

While stock cyclone internals need to be replaced on a regular basis, the Vortex Mod is a permanent solution that makes the cyclone into the fastest, and most reliable loader available.

The Vortex Mod will feed upwards to 25-26 balls per second and continue to load down to pressures as low as 200psi.

Stock parts only feed up to 15 balls per second and only down to a pressure of 400 psi.

TechT Squishy Paddles
TechT's Cylone Feed Squishy Paddles are designed to help players using any Tippmann Cyclone Feed eliminate ball breakage due to cold tempertures, brittle paint and high feed rates.

The Squishy Paddles are made from a much softer rubber than the stock A5, X7, 98, and Phenom Cyclone Feed Paddles. The Squishy Paddles have been designed to increase the amount of paddle surface area that actually touches each ball. This is accomplished though rounding all the edges on the paddles, molding each so that its as gentle on the paint as possible. Notice the super soft/rounded edges of the paddles.

Interlock Technology insures that Techt's paddles, once installed, don't go anywhere! By softening the material that holds on to the shaft, you run a risk of the paddles "stripping-out". By using the inter-lock system and TechT's special blend of plastic- TechtT's Squishy Paddles are guaranteed to get the job done! The Squishy Paddles also come with a teflon washer to be placed under them. The washer provides a slick surface for the paddles to ride on.

TechT has one have the best products possible on the field at all times. In our continued testing for the best products some items like the Squishy Paddles will change and get better with time. If the Squishy Paddles ever change and you want the new version you only pay $10 to upgrade to the newest version. You can upgrade from any version to the next at any time, just send it to TechT Paintball for the trade-up.

TechT Zero Kick Hammer
The latest upgrade part from TechT Paintball. The Zero Kick Hammer is 1/2 the weight of the stock hammer in the Tippmann and US Army paintball guns. Less moving weight means quicker shots and less kickback force. A must have for anyone looking to get the most efficient operation from their gun.

TechT Gun Sav
A good ol' jar of Gun Sav tops off the kit. One of the best lubes in the business, find out why top players depend on it. Perfect for the internal and external upgrade parts in this kit.

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