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Tippmann A5

Tippmann A5 Paintball Guns

What's to say about the Tippmann A-5 that already hasn't been said. The hottest marker in the paintball world keeps getting better as companies everywhere flood the market with hop-ups and mods for this gun. There is a reason why so many players choose an A-5 as the foundation of their scenario marker build. The A5 has a very rugged, simple design that produces very surprising performance in the field. The patented cyclone feed is standard on all Tippmann A5 markers requiring no batteries or electronics. The Tippmann A5 will not disappoint. Grab a new A5 and experience a world of possibilites. A5 models include the Basic (Semi-Auto), RT (Response Trigger) and Egrip (HE Selector Switch Electronic Trigger Frame.

Tippmann released the new 2011 Tippmann A5 during the last two months of 2010. The new Tippmann A5 includes some subtle changes to the design of the A5 that has been in production for years. The new A5 uses a slightly different airline that departs slightly from the standard tombstone set-up. Also, the front grip and the lower receiver lip of the 2011 A5 are one piece. This allows you to remove the front grip and add accessories not possible on the older version due to the positioning of the lower receiver lip. All models, including the Basic and RT, use a selector switch style safety instead of the standard cross-trigger push safety. Please keep in mind that many of the current A5 mags and A5 body kits will not work on the new 2011 A5. Aftermarket companies are aware of this and new compatible versions will likely be released. Those mags, upgrades and parts will be clearly labeled as being compatible for the 2011 A5. In the meanwhile, if you have any questions regarding Tippmann A5 parts compatibility, please contact us.
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