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Tippmann Custom 98 / Custom Pro / SL-68 II

Tippmann 98 Platinum | Pro Platinum | SL-68 Paintball Guns

You just can't go wrong with a Tippmann 98. Probably the best selling marker in the world. Why? Tippmann quality and reliablity. When just about every paintball field on the Earth chooses the Tippmann 98 as their rental marker, it should tell you something. The 98 Custom is known for taking major abuse with quick and easy tear-downs and rebuilds.

Tippmann stepped it up with the CUSTOM Pro. Built on the basis of the 98, the Pro adds a drop forward to balance the marker and a double trigger as standard equipment. An 11" barrel tops it off as being the latest and greatest to come out of the Tippmann think-tank. The 'Platinum Series' is the latest and greatest version of the Tippmann 98 to date. All the tried and true features of the previous 98 models with a few new enhancements all its own. The Platinum 98 Custom and Platinum Pro will not disappoint. Don't forget to checkout the Tippmann SL-68 II. Tippmann brings back an old pump favorite by reintroducing the SL-68 with better components for elevated performance.

Check out our 98 Mods category to see for yourself just how many 98 parts and accessories there are. Don't forget to check the package deal category of you're looking for a 98 value package. We got them!

The Tippmann Platinum Series Paintball Markers are here. With a more universal top rail, quick internal access panel and a 2 year warranty you just can't go wrong.
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