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Paintball Grips

The paintball grips found in this category are primarily of three types: RIS Paintball Grips, Barrel Mounted Grips and ASA Style Grips. RIS grips attach to standard 7/8" tactical (picatinny or weaver) rails like those rails attached to a barrel shroud or undermounted to the front of a paintball gun. Barrel mounted grips simply clamp to and are adjustable along the length of any paintball barrel. Grips that feature a 'top thread', similar to that of a pin valve on a paintball tank, screw directly into some type of vertical adapter. Air travels through the grip into the gun.

For the most part, these paintball grips are considered 'universal' and will fit most paintball guns if the setup and space allows. We also have many gun-specific grips available. They are found in that specific paintball gun's mod category.