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TechT Paintball iFIT Barrel Bore 6 Piece Kit - Spyder

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TechT Paintball iFIT Barrel Bore 6 Piece Kit - Spyder
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Sucessful paintball teams and players have been sizing their barrels to match their paint size for a number of years. By obtaining a correct paint to barrel match a player will not only add accuracy but also efficiency. The biggest obstacle with bore sizing paint is that balls are being manufactured progressively smaller and the bore sizes DO NOT EXIST. Because of these issues, TechT Paintball presents the new iFIT Precision Barrel Boring Kit.

Conveniently turn ANY barrel you currently have into a high-performance, paint-matching barrel/bore insert system.

Rather than having to buy several expensive full barrel backs, complete barrels of various bores, or trying to find barrel inserts that don't exist, one can save yourself time and money with the iFIT. No other manufactures offer the range in bore sizes that we do. The iFIT Kit ranges in size from .692 down to .667. This is the largest range in bore sizes you will find from any manufacture. iFIT also will save you money by only having one adapter per marker thread as oppose to purchasing several backs with individual bore sizes. Simply put, the iFIT Kit is the most comprehensive kit available today.

The iFIT comes in 2 different configurations, a 6 piece insert kit as well as a 9 piece insert kit. Kits will come with the thread of your choice. Additional backs and a 'filler kit' are available for converting a 6 piece into a 9 piece kit. Currently TechT's adapter bodies come in the most common paintball barrel threads.

This 6 piece kit includes:
Barrel Back - Spyder Thread
6 iFIT Inserts: .685, .682, .679, .676, .673, .670.

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