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Customer Testimonials

"Do yourself a huge favor and look no further than for upgrades to your Tippmann and other paintball markers. I use Rockstar exclusively because their customer service is second to none, and they stock everything you can imagine all at fantastic prices. Everything I've ever ordered was shipped quickly and arrived right on time. I highly recommend for all your paintball needs! In fact, tell 'em nauz sent ya!" - Michael C. "Nauzerlvr"

"I just wanted to send an email to you guys complementing you on the great job you do. I've been to quite a few online paintball stores and by far yours is the best. It's nice to know when I'm looking at what I want to order whether or not you have it in stock. Some other retailers will take your money and then send an email telling you that items you ordered are not in stock (one of which I'm dealing with right now), which is bad business in my opinion. When I tried to put an item in my cart that I didn't notice wasn't in stock on your site, the cart wouldn't let me do it. Also, the shipping time is incredible. I've placed two orders with you recently, one of which had one day in transit before it was at my doorstep, and the other which was delivered next day. That's looking out for the customer!" - Chris C.

"My buddy Todd who I sent to you came back happy. I just helped him set up his gun and test it. He said you were very helpful. Thanks for taking good care of him!" - Dave B.

"Hi. i recently found your site online, and im always a bit sketchy about ordering online. but because your local (located in the same state) i took the chance and ordered from you. i was so pleased with your fast transaction, and the speedy shipping, that i ordered parts twice more in the past week. i just wanted to say thank you, and you will see plenty of buisness from me in the future. keep up the awesome service. thanks." - Thomas S.

"Thanks! You guys kick ass in the customer service arena (which includes fast shipping). RST is my first stop for online Pball shopping and I have recommended you to others." - David W.

"You guys are great! Thanks again for the incredible customer service!" - Brad W.

"Ok got your email and the shipment info and that's awesome so thanks a bunch. If anyone needs anything paintball related I'll be sure to refer them to you for the prices and service. Again thanks for the shipment you guys rock." - Alex L.

"I appreciate your expedient and attentive service. I have been ordering from your company for a few years now and have never been disappointed. It is always a pleasure to deal with a company that is willing to place emphasis on their customer service." - Frederick M.

"I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing customer support that you have provided in the past week. I have placed three orders through you guys over this past week and you have processed and shipped all of them in a timely manner. Everything that you sent came to my house the next day. I recommended your website to a friend who wanted some things for his A-5 and he recieved the same great support. One of the things he ordered wouldnt work with his A-5 and you guys were quick to respond and help him go through the process of returning it in exchange for some other gear. You also will be getting an order from a friend of mine for a stock for his spyder xtra. Your website is very easy to navigate and I like how you grouped mods and accessories by the different guns (x7, a5, sp8). You have a great selection of woodsball and scenario products and thats really hard to find. Overall I commend you on your drive to provide the best customer service that you can and wanted to let you know that in my opinion your miles ahead of any competition you have. I have been playing paintball since I was 13 years old and now im almost 23. I have owned several guns from a brass eagle tiger shark, to my first spyder, then speedball guns like my shocker, now im enjoying tactics and scenarios with my x7. Out of the countless paintball websites I've ordered through, yours has proven to be superior. I wanted to say thank you for putting customer service as a priority in your buisness and I will recommend your company and website to all of my friends and anyone at a field that I meet. I look forward to placing more orders with you guys and driving the buisness in your direction. Thank you and stay safe." - Bryan F.

"Just wanted to thank you guys for you great service and communication. You will be referred by me and I will get my friends to buy from you as well." - Dan F.

"I just wanted to show my gratitude towards your excellent service. I placed an order with you guys on Wednesday afternoon at 3pm and I got it delivered Thursday afternoon. I am very impressed with the speedy service. I will be recommending your company to all of my paintball friends and everyone on a5og and x7og. is where you were suggested to me in the first place. Thanks again for the great service." - Daniel R.

"Hi my name is Marc and i order 2 jcs rail on the 19 of this week and i already received. My e-mail its just to let you know i'm 100% satisfy. For sure i will do bussiness again with you in the future." - Marc R.

"Hi there, Im Levi or known as Darkkrider in the paintball community. Im writing you to let you know Im proud to have directed all my subscribers from youtube to your site. By fare your site is the greatest. Every one who ever asked me where to buy the best parts and upgrades get sent straight to you. Everyone I sent over are crazy about the products you carry and they also have good things to say about your staff and are happy with receiving there order on time. I know I was happy with your company the first time I ordered from you. If you guys have a sponsorship program please let me know, our team would consider it an honor to represent and fly your colors at our events. If not please get to selling Rockstartactical shirts, Ill buy the first one." - Levi R.

This is just a small sampling of the hundreds of comments sent to us by satisfied customers. Want to be heard?  Feel free to send us your experience so we can make our service even better.