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Remotes / Fill Parts

Remotes are used to allow for an 'off-marker' bottle setup thereby reducing the overall weight of the marker. Typically the tank is placed in either a +1 style harness or in the pouch of a tactical vest. Most of the remotes on the market are 'coil' style remotes. The coil allows the line to stay small in tight positions and extend during movement or firing. Some remotes have an 'HPA' qualifier in the name. This only means that they can be used with either CO2 or Nitro bottles. The burst pressure rating is the pressure at which the coil line could be compromised due to excessive pressure. Most remote lines are rated at about 10,000psi. CO2 bottles function at about 800psi, and nitro at either 3000psi or 4500psi. Therefore the pressure rating of the remote line far exceeds that of the air source in the event a bottle valve or regulator should fail.

Micro remotes use a microline and micro fitting set-up. They are light and easy to teardown and setup. They are only rated for CO2, not HPA. Remotes are universal. The threaded remote adapter (ASA adapter) is the same size and thread as a standard pin valve on a tank. Remotes with a 'Slide Check' allow you to stop the air flow into the marker at the remote. Therefore you are able to disconnect the remote at the marker while still connected to the tank. This is only for temporary convenience. It is not recommended to leave a 'slide check equipped remote' connected to a tank for any time longer than a few moments. Remotes can be retrofitted with a slide check.