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HPA (Compressed Air) Tanks

Nitrogen tanks, otherwise known as compressed air or HPA, are the ultimate performance upgrade for a paintball marker. Why, because you no longer have the negative characteristics of liquid CO2 to deal with. CO2 can cause velocity spikes and drop-offs due to extremes in temperature as well as high rates of fire. CO2 tanks are filled with liquid CO2, hence the 'ounce' unit used in size determination. The liquid CO2 must expand into a gas to power the marker. Sometimes either outside temperature or higher rates of fire can cause irregularities in pressure. Because heat is needed to expand the CO2 into a gas, the marker will become quite cold using CO2. If the CO2 does not expand into a gas properly, liquid CO2 can enter the internals freezing the gun. Liquid CO2 is tough on internal parts like o-rings.

Nitro tanks are filled with compressed air or nitrogen. Because the tank is filled with a 'gas', extreme temperatures and rate of fire are much less an issue. This results in less velocity spikes, less drop-offs and better efficiently and pressure stability. Nitro tanks come in various sizes normally in either 3000psi or 4500psi models. For 3000psi tanks, times the cu (or ci) size by 10 to estimate shots per fill. For 4500psi tanks, times the cu (or ci) size by 15 to estimate shots per fill. Nitro tanks require a simple hydrotest about every 3 years to ensure tank integrity.