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Handguards / Shrouds

Adding a shroud or handguard to your paintball gun allows for better balance, space to add tactical accessories and the ability to achieve a certain stye for your milsim marker. We have options for just about any paintball gun on the market. The paintball handguards found in the 'universal' category will fit most paintball barrels on the market. Most aftermarket handguards are made to work with barrels that have an outer diameter less than 7/8". We also have plenty of 'gun specific' handguards and shrouds. These items will be located under the corresponding gun's subcategory. For instance, handguards made specifically for the Tippmann A5 are located in the Tippmann A5 Shrouds subcategory. A5, X7 and 98 owners: check out all the available handguard options by clicking your subcategory and displaying only models that fit your specific paintball gun.