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A paintball suppressor offers the user the most realistic look when building the ultimate scenario paintball gun. Our suppressors are offered in a few different types. There are thread-on paintball suppressors that screw onto the forward thread of a a double threaded paintball barrel. Most are made to fit a specific barrel manufacturer's thread. Other suppressors such as the Ops Gear silencers attach to a paintball barrel via set screws. Simply slide the suppressor over the end of the barrel at the desired length and lightly tighten the set screws in place. All our mock suppressors are cosmetic and do not suppress the report of a fired paintball gun. We also offer gun-specific suppressors and barrel specific muzzle breaks and tips.

For more barrel tip options, please visit the 'Barrel Adapters, Tips and Accessories' category. You can also visit the 'Mods' category for your specific model paintball gun. Have a question regarding compatibility? Give us a call or email and a rep can assist you.