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Hoses / Fittings

Paintball guns typically use either a stainless steel line or macro-line air set-up. We carry the most commonly used lines and fittings in paintball. Stainless steel lines come in a variety of lengths to accomodate different model set-ups. Fittings will require teflon tape (plumbing tape) to prevent air leaks. A wrap or two around the threads and you're good to go! Macro-line hoses come in standard 12 inch lengths and can be cut to size. When cutting macro-line, make sure your cut is clean and even. Make sure the line can be pushed into the end of the fitting. Then give the hose a light pull, properly seating the hose into the fitting. You can remove the line be holding the small fitting collar against the fitting and gently pulling on the hose. The hose should release from the fitting.