In Stock Guarantee

The internet is plagued with paintball retailers selling items they do not have in stock. We get daily phone calls from people who have purchased from other retailers only to find out that the retailer didn’t actually have the product he/she purchased. Retailers try to up-sell the customer or get the customer to change his/her mind in an attempt to keep the sale. These same websites also claim to have superior service and a vast selection of product. It's easy to have a vast selection of products when you don't actually have the products on hand. This is common practice and retailers make a lot of money doing it. In our opinion, it’s not only horrible customer service but it also gives a bad impression of online buying.

You wouldn’t make a purchase in a store only to walk out with an empty bag, so don’t do it online.

At, we are constantly taking inventory, ensuring that what we list as ‘In Stock’ is ready to be shipped to you in the time frame listed. We check inventory counts daily as purchase orders arrive. We also take periodic overall inventory counts throughout the year. We also clearly list the products that we do not have as ‘Out of Stock’ and make them unavailable for purchase (a rarity in the world of online paintball sales). A lot of effort goes into this and we want to prove it to you.

Any product listed as IN STOCK is covered under the $10 In Stock Guarantee. If you can add it to a cart and buy it, it’s covered.

If a product is listed as ‘In Stock’ on our website and we find that it’s out of stock or not available to ship in the time frame listed in our Shipping Guide, we’ll issue you a $10 Gift Certificate towards a future order. We’ll even free ship the item to you when it comes back in stock if you choose to wait for it. Want a refund for it? No problem, you’ll receive an immediate refund for that item followed by a $10 Gift Certificate to our website.

There is no fine print here just a few obvious exceptions:

1. Pre-Order or Special Order Items: Any product listed as a PRE-ORDER or SPECIAL ORDER which will be clearly labeled in the product title, description and availability time on the product page. The website software requires that Pre-Orders and Special Orders have an ‘In Stock’ status to allow the customer to add the product to a cart and reserve the item. Again, Pre-Order and Special Order items will be clearly labeled. You will know you are pre-ordering or special ordering a particular product.

2. Substitution Policy: We have a standard substitution policy. This covers small items generally under $5. An example of a substituted item would be a silver threadsaver in a package deal when a black threadsaver is shown in the product picture. This is done simply to prevent a delay in processing an order. We never substitute for a less valued or unlike item.

3. A Non-Specified Product in a Package Deal or Bundle Product: We have package deals that do not specify the manufacturer of a particular component. For instance you purchase a gun package and it comes with a 20oz CO2 tank. In the event a specific brand of tank is unavailable, it allows us to sell the package with another tank of EXACT quality. Paintball guns, goggles, electronic loaders etc are ‘key’ package deal products. We never substitute an obvious ‘key’ product, not even for color. If a specific manufacturer is listed for a product in a package deal or bundle’s title or description, you will receive that specific product or it’s covered as part of our in-stock guarantee.

4. Common Sense Dropship: We may determine that logistically it’s better for a product or products to be shipped from outside our facility. An example would be an order going to CA that has 5 cases of paintballs in which the paintball manufacturer has a facility on the West Coast. Shipping direct from the manufacturer to the customer will substantially reduce delivery time and handling. These are obvious situations and the intent is to drastically reduce delivery time and over-handling that may be detrimental to some products such as paintballs.

We are putting our money where our mouth is… Thousands trust to have what they want, delivered when they need it!

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