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Below you'll find a collection of Manuals and Parts Schematics for many of the paintball guns and products we carry. Most of the files are in PDF format so you will need Adobe Reader to view them. You can download Adobe Reader here. Many of the files are large (2+MB) and will require time to download. Please be patient.

Tippmann Guns and Accessories:
All Tippmann/US Army Manuals and Schematics must be downloaded at

Spyder Guns:
2013 Spyder Hammer 7
2013 Spyder EMR5
2013 Spyder MR5
2012 Spyder Fenix
2012 Spyder MRX
2012 Spyder Victor
2012 Spyder Xtra

Tiberius Arms Guns:
Tiberius Arms T15 Manual
Tiberius Arms T9.1 Manual
Tiberius Arms T8.1 Manual
Tiberius Arms T4.1 Manual

Empire BT Paintball Guns and Accessories
Empire BT TM-7 Manual
Empire BT TM-15 Manual
Empire BT-4 Manual
Empire BT-16 Manual
Empire BT SA-17 Manual
Empire BT Omega Manual
Empire BT Trracer Manual
Empire BT Rip Clip Manual (TM Series)
Empire BT Rip Clip Manual
Empire BT Apex 2 Quick Start Manual
Empire Empire AXE Manual
Empire Invert Mini Manual
Empire Invert Mini Parts Schematic

Vents Goggle Systems:
Vents Goggles Use and Care Manual

TechT Parts:
TechT L7 Ion Bolt Installation
TechT Vortex Mod SS Installation
TechT Lightning Rod Installation
TechT QEPH Cyclone Installation
TechT Fang Trigger (E-Grip) Installation
TechT Fang Trigger (Non-E) Installation
TechT Squishy Paddles Installation
TechT Zero Kick Installation

Virtue Paintball Boards and Parts:
Virtue Spire
Virtue Clock
Virtue OLED Board
Virtue Redefined Board

APE Rampage Board:
Rampage X7/A5/BT4 User Manual Page 1
Rampage X7/A5/BT4 User Manual Page 2

Empire and Halo Loaders:
Empire B Loader Manual
Empire B2 Loader Manual
Halo TOO Loader Manual
Halo V35 Loader Manual

GOG Paintball Guns:
GOG eNMEy Manual
GOG eNVy Manual
GOG eXYCy Manual
GOG G-1 Manual

DYE Paintball:
R2 Manual