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DYE Attack Pack Pro Harness - DyeCam

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DYE Attack Pack Pro Harness - DyeCam
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The Attack Pack Pro is a sister pack to the DYE's wildly popular Assault pack line of harnesses. Unrivaled quality, low profile design and superior comfort and adjustability make The DYE Tactical Attack Pack Pro the choice of scenario and milsim players who demand the absolute best.

The Attack Pack Pro is a perfect example of progression with design. It’s light, flexible, vented and comfortable. Moreover it compresses in size with each pod you remove. Resulting in a perfect combination of versatility and compact size. The Attack Pack Pro can hold a range of pods, from 4 all the way up to 11. Depending on how many you use, the harness conforms to what is needed. Continuously self-adjusting to help maintain the lowest profile. The belt system is now made of woven vented-fiber memory elastic. They retract neatly into the harness, again helping to maintain the lowest profile possible. The complete list of features is quite extensive. We couldn’t help it. We had to describe the most important highlights we thought you’d want to know.

Cupped Neoprene Ejector Loops
Quick Release Handles
Stay Open Pod Loops
Neoprene Comfort Belt
Compression Molded Hip Padding
Plush Compression Back Panel
Memory Elastic

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